Many monument retailers as well as cemeteries outsource the work involved in producing a memorial. Whether it is lack of skilled craftsmen, tools, equipment or the cost involved - they never touch the stone and sometimes never even see the finished product!

At Birkmeier Monuments, we value the process of being involved in the production of our memorials. Not only does it give more meaning to the families we work with, it assures us the highest level of quality and customer service. Our staff receives continuing education training to learn old age techniques and to keep up with the new. Because they are involved in the process from start to finish, they take pride in the work performed and care about your satisfaction. This is not accomplished through outsourcing.

Cemetery regulations can restrict the type of memorial you may have, which may even vary by section. For this reason, it is very important that you contact us before deciding on cemetery property.


The way a character is cut, as well as the font used, can dramatically change the look of a memorial. Below are just a few examples of lettering options:

 Lettering003_3.jpg Lettering004_3.jpg LetteringPolished.jpg LetteringRaised.jpg


Carving is the art of applying ornamentation on a stone to help personalize or beautify. A flat carving is just that - with the design sandblasted into the granite and details cut deeply. A shape carving is similiar to a flat carving but leaves a three dimensional appearance. Because there is more involved in producing this type of carving, it is a bit more expensive but the results are well worth the cost.

FlatCarving.jpg ShapeCarving.jpg


Hand etchings are an artist's rendition of a picture reproduced with a specialized diamond tip tool to create an impression directly into the granite. Laser etchings are identical reproductions of a picture on the granite using a computer.

These impressions are scratched into the granite, not applied to it. Therefore, they will last forever.

Color enhancement agents can also be used in either type of etching. Though the color pigment cannot be guaranteed, should it fade away over time, you are still left with the etching. If you desire, the coloring agent can be reapplied.

Handetching.jpg  LaserEtching.jpg


Color or black and white photo images are baked onto a porcelain surface to produce true copy images. Available in many different shapes and sizes, these products come with a manufacture guarantee not to fade, peel or chip.

Porcelain.jpg PorcelainMillington.jpg