Upright Monuments

Generally consists of 2 or more pieces of granite. Most commonly seen is the 2 piece consisting of a "tablet" sitting on a "base" and installed on a concrete foundation.

Slant Markers

Slant earned it's name from the cut of the marker's face. They are a type of upright monument that can be designed either with or without a base. They are thicker at the bottom with a straight back and a slanted face and are installed on a concrete foundation.

Bevel Markers

Bevel markers are similar to the Flat Marker with a slightly beveled face created by cutting the back higher and dropping (2" is typical) the front. Bevels are installed on a concrete foundation.

Flat Markers

Also known as Flush or Grass markers, these are 4" thick and are flat to the ground. They can be installed above ground on a concrete foundation or set flush into the grass on a pea gravel foundation, depending on cemetery regulations and family preference.