Memorial Preplanning

The choice to pre-plan arrangements for your memorial is a very personal one and one of the most important gifts you can give your loved ones. Often families express their regret that their loved one was not a part of the memorial selection. The decision to pre-plan your memorial will relieve your loved ones from making decisions at a difficult time as well as insure your wishes are met.

Another advantage of planning ahead is that the price of the memorial will be protected from future price increases. The cost today will be the final cost. Therefore, in pre-planning your memorial, you are protecting your family from paying higher prices at the time of need.

Reasons to Pre-Plan Your Memorial:

  • Allows families to make the decision together.
  • Completes family estate planning.
  • Insures the memorial of your preference.
  • Eliminates the chance of an emotional decision being made at a difficult time.
  • Protects against rising costs.
  • Peace of mind.

To begin the process of planning your monument please fill out the monument planning form and a representative will contact you shortly. You may also call us at anytime to schedule and appointment.


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