BIRKMEIER & SONS MONUMENT CO., INC. unconditionally guarantees to the Purchaser and his/her heirs that the memorial purchased will strictly comply with the Purchase Contract regarding quality and workmanship.

BIRKMEIER & SONS certifies memorials are fabricated from the finest quality natural granite and/or bronze, free from defects that would render them unsuitable for memorial purposes. If at any time in the future, a previously undetected defect should appear, BIRKMEIER & SONS MONUMENT CO., INC. will replace this memorial with one of the like size, quality and workmanship upon notification in writing specifying the nature of the defect. Naturally, this warranty does not cover damage to the memorial by anyone other than BIRKMEIER & SONS MONUMENT CO., INC. personnel or any act of God, nor does it include incorrect information provided on a contract drawing at the time of purchase and production.

Not covered by this warranty are any products placed on or affixed to this memorial such as pictures, vases, artificial coloring, etc. These items may be included in a manufacturer’s warranty provided by the supplier.

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