Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Memorialization?Memorialization is the art of commemorating the lives of those loved, revered and respected. It provides a record of a life that cannot be lost, for future generations to know and remember. It gives you an opportunity to express your love in a manner both enduring and beautiful. The word “monument” comes from the Latin “monere”, meaning “to remind”. Whether memorialization takes place in the form of a cemetery monument, a memorial in a local park or even a backyard garden, it gives one a place to go to remember.
  • Why should I purchase from an MBNA firm rather than a cemetery?Only a professional Memorialist has the skills to design a memorial which will capture the memory you wish to create. The MBNA is the international association of professional memorialists. As part of their membership, MBNA members subscribe to a statement of policy, the Code of Good Practice, that promotes fair and honest business practices, which in turn serve to protect you, the consumer. MBNA members specialize in making memorials while a cemetery typically sells memorials as a sideline.
  • Why is it important to decide what type of memorial I want before choosing a cemetery?Cemetery Rules & Regulations often govern what type of memorial you can get and even vary within the same cemetery from one section to the next. Purchasing cemetery property prior to designing a memorial can limit your memorial options. Monument companies have a complete list of cemetery regulations and can guide you accordingly.
  • When should I purchase a memorial?Purchasing a memorial is a long-term investment - one that should be undertaken with great thought and care. Purchasing in advance is the most ideal option as you are not only assured to get what you want, but you will relieve your family from making difficult decisions during an emotional period. Since a memorial is designed to last for generations, this is not something that should be decided in haste. Purchasing a memorial before the need arises saves you money. Like everything else, it will cost less now than in years to come. In an immediate need situation, a memorial can be ordered immediately. It is not necessary to wait until the ground settles or the weather improves to begin the memorial design process. Memorial completion can take anywhere from thirty days to six months, sometimes longer.
  • Do I need to purchase a memorial if I have chosen cremation?Cremation does not limit the need of a family to remember their loved one. We offer a variety of memorial options for those who have opted for cremation whether it be a traditional memorial in a cemetery, a local park or even a backyard memorial garden. A memorial provides a place for comfort and reflection for your loved ones as well as future generations.
  • How much does a memorial cost?Many factors go into the cost of a memorial. Material, color, shape, design and cemetery fees are all a factor. Likewise are the labor of the designers and craftsmen while a significant portion of the cost is related to the quarrying and cutting of the granite or the casting and molding of the bronze. In order to make an accurate comparison it is necessary to have complete information so you know you are comparing “apples to apples”. Vague or incomplete information often leads to inaccurate product comparison which may not be realized until the memorial has been produced and installed. Though a memorial is a significant purchase, it is one that is only made once and serves as a lasting tribute to a life lived. This is why it is important to discuss all the details with your Memorial Specialist for complete price information.
  • What grade of granite is used for a memorial?We use only the finest granite from locations recognized for superior quality. The majority of the granite we use comes from quarries located in the United States. However, we will import granite depending on the color desired, as certain colors are not available from U.S. quarries.
  • Who is responsible for a memorial once it has been installed in the cemetery?Most monument companies will warranty their finished product against defects in material, workmanship and installation just as a reputable quarry or foundry will stand behind the quality of the granite or bronze. A monument company cannot be held responsible for damage to a memorial after installation in the cemetery. Though cemetery personnel may tell you they are not responsible for damage to a marker unless it has been purchased through them, this is not true. Clearly, if a cemetery causes damage to a memorial with mowing or other equipment used in running the cemetery, they are responsible for that damage.